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Our Expertise


Travelling the world, meeting diverse cultures, sourcing trend setting products with keen eyes gives us the cutting edge difference.


Our 'Mission Statement' is simple - We aim to be the best tapware Company in the world.  We will achieve this through 100% Customer Satisfaction.


All EGOLLE tapware comes with a '7 year' replacement ceramic disc cartridge warranty.  Our Creators & Developers have decades of design experience and utilise the latest CNC Machined Componentry to process its raw materials.  The finest Brass bar stock from recycled Brass shavings is used throughout EGOLLE's initial machine processing to the fabrication stage.


EGOLLE's ABB robotic polishing cell - shapes, polishes and prepares all the tapware to the highest standard.


EGOLLE's designated team combines raw energy with constant testing, prototypes and design of its future parts and products. 



Our History


We constantly source the best materials to deliver high end products.

EGOLLE source the finest materials in the world to create the perfect tap. All EGOLLE tapware complies with Australian Standard AS3178 and is certified with the Australian Government WELS scheme. EGOLLE tapware have achieved WATERMARK & WELS certification.


EGOLLE tapware is plated to the finest finish available in the market today.  Quality Ceramic Disc Operation complements the Dezinctification Resistance 'DR' plating process.



Our Commitment


We push the boundaries to ensure that new trends are never left behind.

The epitome of design, EGOLLE strives constantly to push the boundary of excellence.  Eastern European styling, coupled with sleek elegance abounds through EGOLLE tapware.  


EGOLLE are at the forefront of bringing the character of 'old world traditional charm' and incorporates them into new or existing modern spaces creating a seamless flow that transcends boundaries.

About Egolle

Bringing Stylish Old World Tapware to the forefront of ultimate modern living.  
Comfort & Elegance can be realised by making these timeless pieces yours.


Our Warranty

Bringing Stylish Tapware to the forefront of ultimate living.  
Comfort & Elegance can be realised by making these timeless pieces yours.
Egolle Tapware enjoys a 7 year cartridge warranty, 3 year parts warranty - domestic use only.
Egolle Bathtubs enjoys a 5 year warranty - domestic use only.
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